Spawn Mutations Series 23: Kin Action Figure (2003)

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The horrifying results of a deal gone bad. Spawn Mutations details a new chapter in the Spawn mythos.

One of the most pivotal moments in the history of the Spawn story occurred with the death of his master, Malebolgia. But what if this event had gone differently? What if Malebolgia had not died? Spawn Mutations reveals a twisted vision of the Spawn world that could have been.

Malebolgia, the ruler of the Underworld, vows revenge on Spawn for his treasonous attack. In a flash of malevolent inspiration, Malebolgia takes the unbalanced spirit of Billy Kincaid, a notorious enemy from Spawn’s past, and infuses it into the body of one of his loyal but nameless minions – fierce hunter and warrior. The new deadly creature, now known as Kin, goes to Earth seeking the only person Spawn ever loved – his mortal wife, Wanda. Using her as bait, Malebolgia will lure Spawn into his trap.

McFarlane Toys original supernatural hero is still going strong! Spawn series 23: Mutations features 5 all new 7 inch scale fully poseable and articulated ultra-action figures. Collect them all, each sold separately.

Note: The first image of the figure outside of the package is a stock photo for reference only. All other images are of the actual item for sale.

Special Features

  • Highly detailed design
  • Full color figure and packaging


  • Size:
    9.3 x 9.2 x 3.5 in
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