Dark Horse Deluxe Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer Statue

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Newly sculpted! Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer has been widely considered one of the most iconic dark-fantasy creations of our time. Seated atop his intimidating steed and holding his bloodied weapon, he overlooks the ash and bones of the fallen. An excellent addition to any Frazetta collection, or for any fan of the dark and otherworldly.

This finely detailed statue stands at 8 Inch tall and is 8 Inch wide at the base. Complete with actual metal chain and hand-painted details. Note: This is a completely re-sculpted and repainted version of the Death Dealer. It updates and surpasses the Dark Horse-produced 8-inch Death Dealer of a few years ago.

Figure is brand new and comes with a beautifully designed box that includes a reproduction of Frazetta’s classic Death Dealer painting.

Size: 8 inches tall and is 8 inches wide at the base

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