The Animatrix DVD

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    From the creators of The Matrix trilogy, this groundbreaking collection of nine short films from seven of the world’s leading anime directors provides a visionary fusion of CG-Animatrion and Japanese anime. Matrix writer-directors Larry and Andy Wachowski commissioned seven artists from Japan, America and Korea to make nine short films set in the world of their feature trilogy. Some of the top anime directors contributed to this anthology, including Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll), Koji Morimoto (Robot Carnival), and Shinchiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop). Some of the films tie directly into the narrative of the live-action movies.

    The Films

    • Final Flight of the Osiris
    • The Second Renaissance Part I
    • The Second Renaissance Part II
    • Kid’s Story
    • Program
    • World Record
    • Beyond
    • A Detective Story
    • Matriculated

    The disc and packaging are in great condition, with little signs of wear from storage, along with a few small creases and bends in the package.