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A Scanner Darkly Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



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CDSKU: 180717-74157-1
UPC: 760137650928
Part No: MVD6509A
Weight: 0.11 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: Cult Flavor
Formats: CD
Genres: Animation | Comic Based | Crime | Fantasy | Science Fiction
Studio: Phineas Atwood Productions | Warner Bros.
Original U.S. Release: July 28, 2006
Item Release Date: September 9, 2014
Rating: R
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Soundtrack to the animated/sci fi Philip K Dick adaptation from Director Richard Linklater starring Robert Downey, JR and Keanu Reeves. Features work by Graham Reynolds as well as two exclusive remixes, one each by Meat Beat Manifesto and DJ Spooky. Austin Composer Graham Reynolds frequently collaborates with Richard Linklater who is Nominated in multiple categories for Best Picture Academy Award this year for Boyhood. Graham is also a highly respected musician in Texas with his band The Golden Arm Trio.


  • 7 Years From Now
    Swallowed Up in Victory
    Strawberry Pie
    The Dark World Where I Dwell
    Sex, Beer, and Pills
    A Farm Near the Mountains
    Bug-Bite Squared
    Pose as a Nark
    Do You Like Cats'
    A Scanner Darkly
    Part of the Plan
    Are You Experiencing Any Difficulties'
    Your Move, Peterbilt
    Room 203
    Escorted to the Bright Lights
    You'll See the Way You Saw Before
    A New Path
    Little Blue Flowers
    Darkly Mix - Jack Dangers
    Call Sign/aleph:/ - DJ Spooky


  • Runtime: 52

Cast: Keanu Reeves | Mitch Baker | Robert Downey Jr | Rory Cochrane | Steven Chester Prince | Winona Ryder | Woody Harrelson
Directors: Richard Linklater
Project Name: A Scanner Darkly
Contributors: DJ Spooky | Graham Reynolds | Jack Dangers

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