Apple Releases Long-in-Development Apple Vision Pro Headset (2024) | Consumer Electronics Product Release, Launches and Openings, Milestones | Feb 2, 2024

On February 2, 2024, Apple releases their long-in-development advanced headset Apple Vision Pro with a retail price of $3,499. Apple Vision Pro launches the era of “spatial computing,” allowing users to control icons on a virtual desktop that blends into their surrounding environment through augmented reality. The device is able to navigate by using one’s ….

Astrobiotic Tech's Peregrine Lander Moon Mission Launches with Sci-Fi Writer Arthur C. Clarke's Remains on Board (2024) | Milestones | Jan 8, 2024

On January 8, 2024, Astrobiotic Technology launched its Peregrine Lander on a mission to the moon. Peregrine’s cargo during what was dubbed the “Tranquility Flight” included the remains and DNA of more than 70 deceased people, including noted science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. Memorial spaceflight company Celestis, which was involved with the mission, called ….