Trailer for neo-western thriller The Last Victim

The Last Victim centers on ruthless outlaws, a seasoned sheriff, and an innocent couple caught in the crossfire. The neo-western thriller, described as being full of double-crosses and bloody vengeance, will be released in movie theaters and On Demand starting May 13th.

In this stylized thriller, a group of modern-day outlaws and their terrifying leader are pursued by a local sheriff (Ron Perlman), after committing a horrific crime in a desolate southwest town. When a professor and her husband cross paths with the criminals, everyone is drawn into a spiral of violence and retribution where morality becomes ambiguous, and survival is the only option.

The Last Victim is directed by Naveen A. Chathapuram and stars Ali Larter, Ron Perlman, Ralph Ineson, Kyle Schmid, Tahmoh Penikett, Tom Stevens, Dakota Daulby, Kit Sheehan, Trish Allen, Matt Brown, Paul Belsito and Gregory Fawcett.