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Scary Movie Series Ghost Face 18 oz Geeki Tikis Ceramic Horror Mug



1 in stock

mugSKU: 200804-81391-1
UPC: 850003793979
Weight: 2.15 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Home & Office | Mugs & Cups
Lines: Cult Cinema Icons
Genres: Crime | Cult Cinema | Horror | Thrillers
Studio: Beeline Creative
Original U.S. Release: December 20, 1996
Rating: R
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Scary Movie Series Ghost Face 18 oz Geeki Tikis Ceramic Horror Mug by Beeline Creative. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

These are some of the many iterations of the Scream character Ghost Face:

  • Billy Loomis (Scream) played by Skeet Ulrich
  • Stu Macher (Scream) played by Matthew Lillard
  • Debbie Salt (Scream 2) played by Laurie Metcalf
  • Mickey Altieri (Scream 2) played by Timothy Olyphant
  • Roman Bridger (Scream 3) played by Scott Foley
  • Chloe (Stab 7) played by Kristen Bell
  • Jill Roberts (Scream 4) played by Emma Roberts
  • Charlie Walker (Scream 4) played by Rory Culkin
  • Brandon James (Scream TV series) played by William Scharpf
  • Piper Shaw (Scream TV series) played by Amelia Rose Blaire
  • Kieran Wilcox (Scream TV series) played by Amadeus Serafini
  • Beth (Scream TV series) played by Giorgia Whigham
  • Jamal Elliot (Scream TV series) played by Tyga
  • Danny Johnson (Dead by Daylight)


  • Material: ceramic

Cast: Drew Barrymore | Kevin Patrick Walls | Matthew Lillard | Neve Campbell | Roger Jackson | Skeet Ulrich
Directors: Wes Craven
Project Name: Scream
Characters: Ghost Face

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