Bruce Willis resurrects iconic John McClane role for Advance Auto Parts short film advertisement

Bruce Willis revived his iconic action film role John McClane for an Advance Auto Parts short film advertisement recently. Also appearing in the hilarious short are actors De’voreaux White – who played limousine driver Argyle – and Clarence Gilyard Jr. – who played expert computer thief Theo in the cult classic original Die Hard. Every other bad guy in the film died, having been either blown up, shot, or thrown out of one of any number of Nakatomi Plaza’s multi-story windows.

It’s a great piece of advertising and brings back memories of when I started going to theaters weekly – the 1980’s. I think I watched Die Hard 3 times when the film was originally released in cinemas, and have watched it dozens of times since.

Check out the short below – Yippy Ki Yah Mother Fucker!