New poster and trailer for space thriller Operation Avalanche


Lionsgate Premiere is offering a new take at one of man’s greatest achievements in the new trailer for Operation Avalanche. Directed and co-written by Matt Johnson, the suspenseful thriller about two CIA agents undercover at NASA who discover a massive cover-up will land in theaters September 16th, 2016.

In 1967, during the height of the Cold War, two young CIA agents (Matt Johnson and Owen Williams) go undercover at NASA to investigate a possible Russian mole. In disguise as documentary filmmakers, they tap phones and break into offices while purporting to learn more about the Apollo project. But when they end up uncovering a shocking NASA secret – and a major government cover-up – they decide to embark on a new mission that may put their own lives at risk.

Lionsgate Premiere presents an XYZ Films production, in association with Zapruder Films and Resolute Films and Entertainment.

Operation Avalanche was co-written by Matt Johnson & Josh Boles, and also stars Josh Boles. Check out the new trailer and poster for the film, below.


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