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crawl-film-images-dvd-coverThe Collective and, bring you the new Australian suspense thriller Crawl as part of their Bloody Disgusting Selects film series. Crawl will be released on DVD and VOD next week, on February 26th. To celebrate the release, FilmFetish is giving away 2 copies of the DVD to readers.

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I’ll only be running the Crawl contest through Friday, March 15th, 2013, so hurry and submit your Tweets!

More about Crawl

The Collective and top horror website, bring you the new Australian suspense thriller Crawl as part of their Bloody Disgusting Selects film series.

Written and directed by Paul China, and produced by brother Ben China, Crawl has been invited to over 30 festivals thus far. The film has been compared to the works of the Coen Brothers (No Country for Old Men and Blood Simple), Hitchcock and Polanski. Crawl, the debut feature film of the two brothers, showcases the work of rising talented filmmakers, unafraid to leap beyond the normal and expected to give audiences a deep, emotional, and horrific escape. The film is about a murder-for-hire gone bad which lands an innocent waitress hostage in her own home and driven to desperate measures for survival. It will be released on DVD and Digitally on February 26th, 2013.

The film brings together a talented cast spearheaded by rising-star Georgina Haig of Fox’s most popular science fiction drama (Fringe), George Shevtsov (Love Serenade, Dead Calm), Catherine Miller (Terra Nova) and Lynda Stoner (Prisoner). Other notable crewmembers include renowned cinematographer Brian Breheny (The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, The Hard Word) who not only shot the picture, but also produced and John Scott, the acclaimed editor of Little Fish, Sexy Beast and The Quiet American.

Set in an unknown rural town, a seedy bar-owner hires a mysterious hitman to settle a score. The gun-toting killer crosses paths with an innocent waitress sparking a cat and mouse struggle of survival. As tension builds, everyone is driven to desperate measures causing a chain of events that build to a blood-curdling climax.

  • Director: Paul China
  • Producer: Benjamin China, Brian J. Breheny
  • Cinematographer: Brian J. Breheny
  • Editor: Bin Li, John Scott
  • Cast: Georgina Haig, Andy Barclay, Lauren Dillon, Paul Bryant, Catherine Miller, George Shevtson, Lynda Stoner

Check out images from Crawl, below.

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