The Godfather Original Soundtrack Album Composed by Nino Rota

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Nino Rota composed the original score for Francis Ford Coppola’s classic mafia epic The Godfather. The film centers on the aging patriarch (Marlon Brando) of an organized crime dynasty, who transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son (Al Pacino).


  • Main Title (The Godfather Waltz)
    I Have But One Heart - Johnny Farrow, Marty Symes
    The Pickup
    Connie's Wedding - Carmine Coppola
    The Halls of Fear
    Sicilian Pastorale
    Love Them from the Godfather
    The Godfather Waltz
    The New Godfather
    The Baptism
    The Godfather Finale
      by: Nino Rota


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