The Man From Nowhere Blu-ray review


Tomorrow Well Go USA will release the Jeong-beom Lee Korean crime thriller The Man From Nowhere on DVD and Blu-ray. I hope that The Man From Nowhere finally reveals to U.S. film audiences what hardcore cinema fans have known for many years – that South Korea crafts some of the highest quality genre films anywhere.

The Man From Nowhere was South Korea’s highest grossing film of 2010, and stars Bin Won as a loner with a mysterious past, who goes by the name “Mister.” After the ex-special agent befriends an innocent little neighbor girl name So-mi (Sae-ron Kim), who lives in the same apartment complex, Mister becomes enraged after her abduction at the hands of a fiendish group of criminals, leading him head-first into a complex labyrinth of drug dealing, organ harvesting, and other criminal activity.

So-mi’s mother Hyo-jeong, smuggles drugs and entrusts Mister with the product, without letting him know. Bur after the traffickers find out about her smuggling, they kidnap both her and her daughter, promising to release them if Mister makes a delivery for them. When Hyo-jeong’s disemboweled body is discovered, Mister realizes that So-mi’s life is in danger. The thriller focuses on the incredibly believable relationship between Mister and So-mi, and adds kinetic action sequences as a direct result of that relationship.

The Man from Nowhere continues South Korea’s rise on the world film scene and, while not the most original fare, certainly proves that formulas can be done over and over, as long as they’re done with care and depth.

Add to that a sharp and detailed Blu-ray print and crisp audio, and The Man from Nowhere is a gem waiting to be found by filmgoers.

The only downside to the well-packaged release is the minimal bonus material, which includes: A standard definition Making Of featurette, which is by the numbers, providing some behind the scenes footage of sequences being shot; a highlights reel, which is also in standard def; and two trailers.



Check out the trailer for The Man From Nowhere below.

The Man From Nowhere Blu-ray cover art
The Man From Nowhere Blu-ray cover art
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