Matt Damon getting involved with Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon is attached to an adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story titled The Adjustment Bureau, a sci-fi project currently being pitched to major studios in Hollywood, looking to shoot before the end of the summer. This, according to Empire Magazine.

The Adjustment Bureau is setup as a pre-packaged project, with George Nolfi – who wrote the script for The Bourne Ultimatum – set to write and direct. Nolfi also worked with Damon on Ocean’s Thirteen, and is currently also working on the fourth Bourne film. The hyphenate is also adapting Hawaii Five-0 for a big screen project due in 2010.

‘Bureau’ is based on Dick’s 1954 short story, titled Adjustment Team, about a man who discovers that his reality is a giant soundstage controlled and manipulated by mysterious guardians. This sounds a lot like the 1998 Alex Proyas film Dark City, but the concept is still cool.

Other Philip K. Dick stories headed to the big screen, include Radio Free Albemuth, being directed by John Alan Simon, which is based on Dick’s last and unpublished 1982 novel, about the friendship of two California men; a record store clerk-cum-record company executive; and a writer, and an alternate America that slides into fascism under the presidency of Ferris F. Fremont.

Also on the horizon are King of the Elves and The Owl in Daylight, the latter of which is a biography on Dick himself.

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