While She Was Out red band film trailer

Lucas Haas in While She Was Out
Lucas Haas in While She Was Out
Kim Bassinger stars in While She Was Out, which looks amazing and truly creepy. The film is an independent thriller from first time director Susan Montford, that’s being released through Anchor Bay. According to Ain’t It Cool news, it will be released in a platform strategy. This red band trailer first popped up on Ain’t It Cool’s website, and now it’s on YouTube.

Lukas Haas, who plays head baddie Chuckie in the upcoming film, was a crime lord named The Pin in Rian Johnson’s modern noir classic Brick in 2005.

While She Was Out follows an abused suburban housewife, who is forced to stand up for herself when she becomes stranded in a desolate forest with four thugs that she witnessed commit a murder. What starts off as a quick trip to the mall ends with a fight for her life.

The film hits theaters on December 12th 2008, and also stars Jamie Starr, Leonard Wu, Luis Chavez and Craig Sheffer.

Check out the r-rated trailer for While She Was Out below.