Michael Moore feature film Slacker Uprising to go online for free

Michael Moore in Slacker Uprising
Michael Moore in Slacker Uprising
I just read on Yahoo News that Michael Moore’s next feature film, Slacker Uprising, will be made available for legal downloading from the net for three weeks, starting on September 23, 2008.

Moore says he was inspired by Neil Young and Radiohead, to release his new film online and for free, after previously considering a theatrical run. Specifically, Radiohead released their seventh album last year, In Rainbows, online with optional pricing. And in 2006, Neil Young streamed his anti-war album Living With War for free before it received a standard release in stores and on iTunes, and similar services.

Slacker Uprising was to be his “big election year movie”, just as Fahrenheit 9/11 was in 2004. Moore recently decided to make it a symbol of gratitude to his fans, as he approaches the 20th anniversary of his first film, 1989’s Roger & Me. The film is also meant to help get the vote out in this important election this year cycle. A Night of a Thousand House Parties is planned by its distributor Brave New Films, for October 4th, when local neighborhood screenings are to be scheduled. Then a DVD will be released three days later, on October 7th.

Slacker Uprising follows Moore’s 62 city tour during the 2004 election, that rallied young voters to the polls in record numbers. The film is 97 minutes long, and will be the first major film to be released in this medium. Last December’s Jackass 2.5 was streamed online for free, but it was only a collection of left over material from Jackass 2. Additionally, companies including ClickStar, co-founded by Morgan Freeman, have made films still in movie theaters, such as he 10 Items or Less, available for online purchase or rental.

Check out the trailer for Slacker Uprising below.

Slacker Uprising will be exclusively available through offered by BlipTV (at least the legal versions). Sign up to be notified when the film is available for download at www.slackeruprising.com.

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