War of the Worlds Game and Updates


Originally Published: April 18, 2005

By now, most of you are probably already playing the game, but here’s a link to the War of the Worlds Online Game HERE »

This summer, the earth goes to war… and online gamers will be on the front lines of the battle.

Leading up to the June 29th global release of Paramount Pictures’/DreamWorks Pictures’ War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures Interactive Marketing has debuted a human survival online game at WarOfTheWorlds.com.

A human-survival game that echoes the themes and real world environments of the film, the game calls upon players to rescue survivors, collect objects, and escape danger in varying combinations. Players will try to escape maze-like boards while avoiding cataclysmic alien destruction. The game is free for users worldwide and will be available in seven different languages. Designed as both a single and multi-player game, the game’s objectives are scaled to the number of people playing; in addition, multi-player boards will require players to work together to complete their mission. In the weeks approaching the film’s release, additional maps – of increasing complication and difficulty – will become available.

Also, Paramount has sent us updated International release dates for the film. Here they are as follows:

Territory Release Date
Argentina 29-Jun-05
Australia 29-Jun-05
Austria 29-Jun-05
Belgium 6-Jul-05
Bolivia TBA
Brazil 29-Jun-05
Bulgaria 29-Jun-05
Chile 29-Jun-05
China TBA
Colombia 29-Jun-05
Croatia 29-Jun-05
Croatia/Slovenia TBA
Cyprus 29-Jun-05
Czech Republic TBA
Czech/Slovakia 29-Jun-05
Denmark 29-Jun-05
Dominican Republic TBA
East Africa 29-Jun-05
Ecuador TBA
Egypt 29-Jun-05
Estonia 1-Jul-05
Finland 29-Jun-05
France 6-Jul-05
Germany 29-Jun-05
Greece 29-Jun-05
Hong Kong 29-Jun-05
Hungary 29-Jun-05
Iceland 29-Jun-05
India 29-Jun-05
Indonesia 29-Jun-05
Israel 7-Jul-05
Italy 29-Jun-05
Japan 29-Jun-05
Korea 8-Jul-05
Latvia 8-Jul-05
Lebanon 29-Jun-05
Lithuania 8-Jul-05
Malaysia 29-Jun-05
Mexico 29-Jun-05
Netherlands 29-Jun-05
New Zealand 29-Jun-05
Norway 29-Jun-05
Others Europe TBA
Others Far East TBA
Others Latin America TBA
Others Middle East 29-Jun-05
Pakistan TBA
Panama 29-Jun-05
Peru 29-Jun-05
Philippines 29-Jun-05
Poland 8-Jul-05
Portugal 7-Jul-05
Romania 29-Jun-05
Russia 29-Jun-05
Serbia & Montenegro 30-Jun-05
Singapore 29-Jun-05
Slovakia TBA
Slovenia 30-Jun-05
South Africa 8-Jul-05
Spain 29-Jun-05
Sri Lanka TBA
Sweden 29-Jun-05
Switzerland 29-Jun-05
Switzerland – F 29-Jun-05
Switzerland – G 29-Jun-05
Taiwan 29-Jun-05
Thailand 29-Jun-05
Trinidad TBA
Turkey 1-Jul-05
Ukraine 29-Jun-05
United Kingdom 1-Jul-05
Uruguay TBA
Venezuela 29-Jun-05
Vietnam TBA
West Africa TBA
Yugoslavia TBA
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