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DC Universe Original Movie: Batman Assault on Arkham Featuring the Suicide Squad with Slipcover



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Blu-raySKU: 170509-64916-1
UPC: 883929336517
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Product Types: Products | Movies & TV
Lines: The Museum of Fantastic Art
Formats: Blu-ray
Genres: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comic Based | Crime | Fantasy | Science Fiction
Studio: DC Entertainment
Original U.S. Release: July 24, 2014
Rating: PG-13
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When the government teams up a group of supervillains with the code name Suicide Squad and forces them to break into Arkham Asylum to bring back top secret information the Riddler has stolen, Batman soon becomes involved. But things go from bad to worse when one of the Squad (Harley Quinn) frees the Joker, who has the means to not only blow up the asylum, but most of Gotham City as well.

Batman Assault on Arkham stars Kevin Conroy as Batman (voice), Neal McDonough as Deadshot / Floyd Lawton (voice), Hynden Walch as Harley Quinn (voice), Matthew Gray Gubler as Riddler (voice), Troy Baker as Joker (voice), Eric Bauza as Security Guy (voice), Chris Cox as G.C.P.D. Commissioner James Gordon (voice), John DiMaggio as King Shark (voice), Jonny Rees as Captain Boomerang / George Harkness (voice), Giancarlo Esposito as Black Spider / Eric Needham (voice), Jennifer Hale as Killer Frost (voice), Martin Jarvis as Alfred (voice), Peter Jessop as Watch Commander (voice), Christian Lanz as Scarecrow / Dr. Jonathan Crane (voice), and Nolan North as The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot.

Special Features

  • Exclusively on Blu-ray: Arkham Analyzed - The Secrets Behind the Asylum
  • Exclusively on Blu-ray: Batman: Assault on Arkham Commentary
  • Plus: A Sneak Peek at DC Universe's Animated Movie - Justice League: Throne of Atlantis


  • Runtime: 75
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 - 1080p High Definition 16x9
  • Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
  • Subtitles: English SDH, French, Spanish

Cast: Chris Cox | Christian Lanz | Eric Bauza | Giancarlo Esposito | Hynden Walch | Jennifer Hale | John DiMaggio | Jonny Rees | Kevin Conroy | Martin Jarvis | Matthew Gray Gubler | Neal McDonough | Nolan North | Peter Jessop | Troy Baker
Directors: Ethan Spaulding | Jay Oliva

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