Lost Finale is Epic Length


Originally Published: April 19, 2005

Javier Grillo-Marxuach, a writer and supervising producer on ABC’s hit series Lost, told SCI FI Wire that the season finale will clock in at a staggering three hours. “In terms of epic storytelling and shocking destiny, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Marxuach said in an interview.

Exodus Part 1 will air on May 18th, and the saga continues with Exodus Part 2 on May 25th. The final two hours is so full of incident and character and shocks and scares and drama, “all the things that people love about Lost, that it would have been silly to cut things out. So we’ve got a 25-hour first season! We busted our butts on it, but it’s not going to feel like it’s been padded. We are very proud of it,” Marxuach says.

As far as what the castaways will endure season two, Grillo-Marxuach said: “The second season is strictly top secret right now. Damon has alluded to his ideas about what the second season is going to be like, and once the first season is over, we are going to begin secret summit meetings to start bashing out how it will lay out over the course of the season. Come May, we’ll have a lot more information about what’s going to be happening. But our masterminds are very much at work on what that second season will be about.”

Lost airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

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