The Last King of Scotland Co-Stars Interview Each Other

The last film (which has always stayed with me) I remember watching about Idi Amin, was 1981’s Amin: The Rise and Fall. It was a brutal portrait of Amin, containing rapes, mass murder and the utter degradation of his own people. Sharad Patel directed the film almost as a B movie horror, but with a better script. Some of the incidents in the movie are hard to watch, whether you’re young or old. I happened to be 11. But don’t blame my mom, she hated the film, had no idea I had gone to see it (with my best bud at the time), and would have thrown me out a window, if she’d known. The rule book on ratings, enforcement and getting into a film has greatly changed since then.

I remember a statement Amin himself made during that time, regarding Ugandans and their feelings toward him, he said something like ‘my people still love me and want me back.’

According to early buzz from the Toronto Film Festival, Forest Whitaker has actually been able to humanize controversial African leader Idi Amin in his upcoming film The Last King of Scotland, and might get an Oscar nod from the Academy for it. That is truly an amazing feat. But Whitaker is an amazing actor, whose credits include Panic Room, American Gun, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and The Crying Game.

Whitaker and co-star Kerry Washington (Ray, upcoming Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) interview one another about their new film at the Toronto Film Fest. It’s a great session, exclusive to Moviefone.

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