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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow – Original Television Soundtrack Season 1 Limited Edition Music by Blake Neely

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La-La Land Records, DC, Warner Bros. and WaterTower Music present acclaimed composer Blake Neely’s (The Flash, Supergirl, Blindspot) original score to the first season of the hit television series DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, starring Greg Berlanti, Franz Drameh and Victor Garber. Composer Neely expands his DC musical landscape with another rich and exciting original score that winningly compliments this thrilling series of time-traveling super heroes and villains a spinoff show from the wildly successful series Arrow and The Flash. Neely has assembled the finest musical moments from the first season, resulting in a knockout collection of cues fans will love! This is limited edition CD release of 3,000 units.

Special Features

  • Limited edition CD release of 3,000 units


  • London 2166 / Set a Course
    You Are Legends
    Boarding the Waverider / Back in Time
    The Lie
    Nuclear Missile Sale
    Atom Goes Inside to Save Kendra
    Leonard Goes Home
    Time Masters Offer a Deal
    Russian Problems
    Broken Oath for Love
    Rory Betrays, Snart Handles Him
    Things Get Batty / Left Behind
    They're Not Coming Back
    Rescuing Sara from Nanda Parbat
    Tale of Oedipus Rex / The Hunters Are Coming
    The Magnificent Eight
    Enter the Pilgrim / Rip's Revenge
    Jax Meets His Father / Mick Meets Himself
    Hawkgirl Fights Savage, Atom Fights Leviathan
    Martin Sends Jefferson Away
    Escape the Time Masters
    At the Oculus / Cold Hard Sacrifice
    Time Is Unmoored
    Savage Meteoritual Fight
    Sacrificial Trip to the Sun
    Who's Up for More?   by: Blake Neely


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