The Good Shepherd Exclusive Trailer Premiere


What do you get when you put Academy Award Winner Robert DeNiro behind the camera of a spy thriller, starring himself, along with other Academy Award Winners Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, William Hurt, Joe Pesci and Academy Award Nominee Alec Baldwin, and super-duper actors Billy Crudup, Michael Gambonand John Turturro? You get The Good Shepherd. What else are movie theaters made for? If not quality like this, than what… popcorn machines?

The Good Shepherd is about the tempestuous early days of the CIA, as told through the eyes of Edward Wilson (Damon), an Agency founder and Cold War operative. As Wilson is drawn deeper and deeper into a tangled web of international espionage, it becomes clear that the price of his actions may be his marriage toAngelina Jolie, along with his character and soul. It hits theaters December 22, 2006.

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