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Haunted Histories Collection: The World’s Scariest Stories in One Spine-Chilling 20-Disc DVD Set

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Fascinating stories lie behind even the most horrifying legends. From tortured spirits who haunt otherwise idyllic locations across America, to strange rituals, horrifying apparitions and frightening phenomena, this spine-chilling 20-DVD mega-set features in-depth profiles of the world s scariest stories. Learn, through these informative and entertaining documentaries, the truth behind the Salem witches and unexplained poltergeists. Discover the millennia-old history of Halloween and its seemingly harmless traditions. Travel to some of America s most haunted destinations, from Savannah, Georgia, where spirits have been known to lurk in the bucolic façade, to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois where ghosts are said to prowl the shores of Lake Michigan.

Special Features

  • This comprehensive collection includes four volumes of intriguing programming on 20 DVDs:
  • The Real Stories Behind History's Spookiest Phenomena: Hauntings, Witches, Poltergeists, Vampires, and More
  • The Real Stories Behind Hauntings, Zombies, Voodoo Rituals, and More
  • Dracula, Witches, Voodoo, and Exorcism
  • America s Most Haunted Places


  • Number of Discs: 20
  • Runtime: 1200
  • Region: 1
  • Language: English

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DVDSKU: 191022-79519-1
UPC: 733961159387
Weight: 4.15 lbs
Condition: NM Near Mint - This item is used, but in mint to near mint condition. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.