The story of the Air Jordan sneaker brand comes to the screen in AIR; Check out the trailer and preview images

Amazon Studios is going beyond streaming with an exclusive theatrical release for their upcoming AIR, which centers on the story of how Nike courted then-future NBA legend Michael Jordan, along with Jordan’s family, in order to convince the rookie player to become his shoe spokesperson. The partnership turned into the iconic Air Jordan sneaker brand, …

I mean you're workin' on some crazy stuff in these buildings. Stuff that would freak me out if I actually understood it. I'm going to tell you about one that's been on my mind - Simulation Theory. The basic idea as I understand it is that we all could be living in a massive simulation, run by a far smarter civilization, like a giant computer game, and we don't even know it.

What if this, all of this, IS a simulation.

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By: Matt Damon

Matt Damon says during a commencement speech he gave a MIT.