Stormbreaker to Open Film Fantastic 2006

Just as I report that Stormbreaker has changed its name, the good folks over at Film Fantastic have sent us a preview of The Gold Coast Film Fantastic Festival 2006. It seems that Stormbreaker will be the opening night film for the fest.

This is my kind of festival. The newest in action, sci-fi and horror from around the world. You just can’t ask for much more for a popcorn lovin’ night at the movies.

Along with the opening night premiere of Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, the festival will also showcase a host of talent from around the world, including the Australian premier of Guillermo del Torro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, John Williams’ Starfish Hotel, and the sci-fi Anime Tokyo Express.

The festival will also screen a large number of Bollywood films, in an interestingly unique segment titled Bollywood on the Gold Coast. The program includes Rakesh Mehra’s Rang De Basanti, Pradeep Sarkar’s Parineeta, Sekhar Das’s Songs of Mulbani and Rohan Sippy’s Kuch Na Kaho.

Other screenings include the visionary animation Renaissance, the Swedish horror Frostbitten, Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Film Fantastic 2006 runs from September 6-10, 2006.

For more on the fest, visit our Calendar RIGHT HERE

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