Wondrous Oblivion Trailer


With all of the violence and tension going on around the world right now, it’s like a breath of fresh air to see a film that tackles the issues Wondrous Oblivion tackles, in the way that it does. One of the reasons I began this website was to give as much coverage as possible to films that don’t get their due anywhere else. As in the film, I think having “indie” films, alongside “mainstream” films is the real way to get them seen and respected by wider audiences. For me it’s only about GOOD films.

Wondrous Oblivion comes from writer/director Paul Morrison (Solomon and Gaenor). Sam Smith stars as David Wiseman, a Jewish boy living in London in 1960 who dreams of being a world-class athlete. He’s totally obsessed with cricket, and loves to play, but struggles with it at his school. 

His parents, Ruth (Emily Woof) and Victor (Stanley Townsend), are struggling with bigoted residents of the working-class neighborhood they reside in, but the locals get a bit more friendly to the Wisemans when Dennis (played by Delroy Lindo), a Jamaican laborer, and his family move in next door. David is shocked and delighted that Dennis and his daughter, Judy (Leonie Elliott), are installing a cricket pitch in their backyard. Against the wishes of his concerned parents, David is spending a lot of time next door, becoming very friendly with Dennis’ daughter, and becoming a much better cricket player. The neighbors become increasingly hostile, as tensions grow.

See the trailer for Wondrous Oblivion RIGHT HERE

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