Sluggo Vinyl Figure Dark Horse Deluxe Based on Ernie Bushmiller Comic (2006) [021]

Currently Unavailable

    Sluggo Vinyl Figure Dark Horse Deluxe. The figure was created by Dark Horse Deluxe and United Features Syndicate in 2006. Sculpted by Yoe Studio.

    The item is in great condition with slight wear, along with a few bends and creases in the box packaging. See photos for details.

    The art style of Sluggo and Nancy is graphic communication stripped down to the core in cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller’s multi-decade succession of corny jokes. No matter what kind of trouble they got in to Nancy was always Sluggo’s “goil” and they continue to appear in newspapers today walking in step, side by side. This endearing character is available as an 8″ vinyl figure.