Panic (a.k.a. Bakterion) Blu-ray Edition

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An English village turns into a hunting ground when an unholy bacterial experiment gone horribly wrong turns a local scientist into a deformed, rampaging nightmare! With the population being picked off one by one, it’s up to an intrepid police detective (David Warbeck, The Last Hunter, The Beyond, Tiger Joe) and a sexy scientist (Janet Agren, The Gates of Hell, Hands of Steel, Eaten Alive) to put a stop to this bloodthirsty madness before the government steps in and wipes out the entire town! Missing in action for decades since its reign as a popular ‘80s video rental, this slimy slice of Italian horror is now remastered in HD for the very first time!

Special Features

  • Mastered from a High Quality 2016 HD Scan
  • Trailers


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