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Capricorn One Original Motion Picture Limited Edition Soundtrack Remastered

Currently Unavailable
CDSKU: 170520-64788-1
UPC: 827034005128
Weight: 0.06 lbs
Condition: New

Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: Cult Cinema Icons | Cult Flavor | Throwback Space
Formats: CD
Genres: Action | Mystery | Suspense | Thrillers
Studio: Perserverance
Original U.S. Release: June 2, 1978
Item Release Date: March 19, 2013
Rating: PG
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Perseverance Records is proud to announce the reissue of Capricorn One by Jerry Goldsmith. Originally released by Warner Bros. Records in 1978, this album featured a re-recorded version of the score by the maestro with the National Philharmonic Orchestra. At that time there were a few examples of this being done for LP release. (John Williams’ score to The Fury comes to mind). Many who have the previous LP or the GNP/Collector’s Choice CD reissues will say that this is a must have for those who own the limited edition score from Intrada (which is the score used in the film). We priced this low to make it available for those who missed out on the Collector’s Choice edition which is now out of print and impossible to find at a reasonable price.

Warner Music handed Perseverance the masters. The sound is as good as the Collector’s Choice reissue. In many ways this is a continuation of that release since CC Music went out of business not too long after this came out. This is a straight reissue of the original album. To reiterate, Jerry went to London to re-record this score with the National Philharmonic. This is a different take, and very good, re-recording of the film score. Perseverance hopes you will enjoy this reissue. As fans of Jerry Goldsmith this was a nice opportunity to offer this to fans who missed out on the out of print CC Music and GNP releases.

  • Limited to 3,000 CDs
  • Contains the original LP art


  • Number of Discs: 1

Cast: Alan Fudge | Brenda Vaccaro | David Doyle | David Huddleston | Denise Nicholas | Elliott Gould | Hal Holbrook | James Brolin | James Sikking | Karen Black | Lee Bryant | O.J. Simpson | Robert Walden | Sam Waterston | Telly Savalas
Directors: Peter Hyams

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Action | CD | Cult Cinema Icons | Cult Flavor | Music & Spoken Word | Mystery | Perserverance | Suspense | Thrillers | Throwback Space | Unavailable

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