First-ever Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival (2023)

Art Exhibitions, Experiences, Film Festivals, Inaugurals, Pop Culture Conventions | May 20 - Dec 31, 2023

Hong Kong Cultural Centre | Hong Kong Film Archives | Hong Kong Heritage Museum

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Hong Kong has one of the most influential pop cultures among Asian cities, especially its iconic Cantopop and movies from the 1980s to the 1990s. The timeless influence of those masterpieces can still be found in the pop culture of Hong Kong and even the rest of Asia.

The first-ever Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival includes more than 20 events scheduled throughout the year, including reinterpretations of pop culture classics and tributes to legendary trendsetters. Visitors are invited to relive the golden age of Hong Kong superstars who reigned in the music and film industries.

Hong Kong’s East-meets-West cultural ethos has long been adored by visitors from around the world. This celebration of culture with a variety of elements is a perfect opportunity to experience Hong Kong from a different angle.

Below are three of the many exhibits and events going on during the Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival.

Movie Tram – Tales Told by Cinematic Storytellers (May 20-21, 2023)

A quintessential Hong Kong symbol on the move, the tram is a vessel of the city’s unique scenery and memories, making it an ideal backdrop in Hong Kong movies. The Festival has partnered with Walk in Hong Kong to present “Movie Tram” tours. Led by docents, participants will take a walking tour around film locations in Central & Western District before hopping onto a tram, where famous filmmakers, including Stanley Kwan and Kearen Pang, will share behind-the-scenes stories and inspirations for cinematic creativity.

In the Mood for Qipao – A Showcase of the Flourishing Era of Hong Kong Cinema

The qipao (cheongsam) is a fashion symbol of Chinese culture, as well as a key styling element for female leads in many Hong Kong movies. “Cinderella and Her Qipao” is an exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Film Archive. With over 30 qipaos from a selection of films spanning different eras on display, cultural landscapes of the past are recreated with pieces worn by iconic actresses such as Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin.

Cinderella and Her Qipao Exhibition (November 2023 – April 2024)

Location: Hong Kong Film Archives

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Film Arts Association will jointly present the “Out of Thin Air: Hong Kong Film Arts & Costumes Exhibition.” Through the display of iconic costumes, props, sets, paraphernalia and workshop scenes, the exhibition will take visitors behind the scenes to explore Hong Kong’s film culture, as well as the highly adaptable professionalism and creative inclusiveness of film industry workers.

Out of Thin Air: Hong Kong Film Arts & Costumes Exhibition (Thru September 4, 2023)

Location: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

More can’t miss activities will debut soon. Make these experiences part of your itinerary and embark on a distinctive pop culture journey in the footsteps of legendary Hong Kong superstars.