Robert Temple Day coming to Burbank’s Martial Arts History Museum

Grandmaster Robert Temple has shared information with me regarding an upcoming event at the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, California honoring him, called “Robert Temple Day.” I had the pleasure of meeting Grandmaster Temple on my recent trip to Los Angeles, where Hong Kong cult cinema icon Master Carl Scott was nice enough to ….

A clip from Kill and Kill Again

I found this clip from the little-seen 1981 karate film Kill and Kill Again on Youtube. It features real life karate experts Malcolm Dorfman and Norman Robinson. Robinson played the character “Gypsy Billy.” Kill and Kill Again was a sort of sequel to the 1976 film Kill or Be Killed (a.k.a. Karate Killer), which I ….

Stars from Kung Fu TV series & Kung Pow to attend free Martial Arts History Museum unveiling

This January, The Martial Arts History Museum in Los Angeles will host a free event where the press and many well-known martial artists will celebrate the unveiling of new contributions to the Museum, including: the Jacket from the Kung Fu television series; the actual Gopher Chucks from the 2002 cult comedy film Kung Pow: Enter ….

Master of the Flying Guillotine star Jimmy Wong Yu to appear live and discuss his career next month in New York City

Cult Cinema Icon Jimmy Wong Yu will be presented the New York Asian Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award and will participate in an on-stage discussion just ahead of a screening of his kung fu movie classic Master of the Flying Guillotine. The event takes place on November 11th at the Walter Reed Theater at Lincoln ….

#cultflavor Three the Hard Way also celebrating major anniversary

Speaking of anniversaries, 2014 is the 40th Anniversary of the Gordon Parks Jr.-directed cult classic Three the Hard Way, starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and the late Jim Kelly. The action thriller Three the Hard Way was originally released on June 26, 1974. Major characters from the film included Jim Brown as Jimmy Lait, Fred ….

Two cult classic American martial arts films planning major 30th Anniversary celebrations during New York City conventions

This year marks the 30th anniversary of two icons of American martial arts cult cinema – The Last Dragon and The Karate Kid. Both films were part of the unique lexicon of the 1980’s, where Americans were brought together after decades of countless wars, the Civil Rights Movement, and a series of major recessions, all ….

Iconic filmmakers Tsui Hark and Patrick Lung Kong to appear in person for A Better Tomorrow screening

Tsui Hark’s name has come up dozens of times during the filming of Blvd. Warriors. The action film producer has directed Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Jet Li and many more of the biggest Hong Kong action film stars on the 1980’s and 90’s. His films include Dragon Inn (director), Once Upon a Time ….

Tips for visiting Hong Kong for the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art & Life Exhibit at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

I’ve received some requests for information on the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art & Life Exhibit currently on display at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. To make it easier, I’ve listed as much information as I have, based on my own experience visiting Hong Kong last month. I hope it helps to get more of ….

Check out the first trailer for action short Retribution Task Force

Jan Lucanus, martial artist and President of Creative Impulse Entertainment, just emailed me a link to the first trailer for Retribution Task Force, a short film based on the most downloaded mixed martial arts comic book series on ComiXology, “JFH: Justice For Hire.” The Kickstarter-funded short will debut in 2014 and features Lucanus, along with ….