Bruce Lee bronze statue remains on display in L.A. Chinatown

I thought this statue of Bruce Lee had already been placed into storage until Los Angeles Chinatown Corporation and the Bruce Lee Foundation could raise the funds to install a proper base for it to be displayed permanently. According to a report by LA Weekly, the statue has remained in place, surrounded by a small barricade and a few traffic cones.

According to the report, While the sponsors have yet to raise enough money for the planned permanent installation, that might happen soon. As most fans know, 2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s birth, the foundation’s goal is to complete the project by year’s end. In the meantime, the bronze Bruce Lee has become a mecca of sorts, and with Chinese New Year coming up, the new landmark will draw even more admirers.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of Brandon Lee’s birth, so it truly is a special year for the Lee family. Below the video, I’ve posted a special email that Bruce and Linda Lee’s daughter Shannon, recently sent out to fans around the world.

I’m writing to let everyone know that this year is my father’s 75th birthday anniversary as well as my brother Brandon’s 50th birthday anniversary and my family LOVES to celebrate their birthdays! And so this year, because it’s so special, we are going to be celebrating up a storm!

From February 1 of this year (Brandon’s birthday) to November 27th (my father’s birthday), we will be engaging in a whole host of activities!

Among the festivities will be…

  • 75 special posts on social media consisting of videos, interviews, quotes, and images
  • Special Limited Edition Anniversary items available in the Official Store throughout the year
  • Monthly sweepstakes to win 1 of 75 Bruce/Brandon Fine Art Prints
  • The launch of the official Brandon Lee Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
  • And lastly, we will be reaching out to our community to ask you to share your thoughts and comments with us as well!

This year we are all excited about not only celebrating my family’s birthdays but also celebrating all of YOU for your continued support of the legacies of my father and brother. May 2015 be a fortuitous year for everyone! And thank you for celebrating with us!

Shannon Lee