Tips for visiting Hong Kong for the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art & Life Exhibit at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

I’ve received some requests for information on the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art & Life Exhibit currently on display at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. To make it easier, I’ve listed as much information as I have, based on my own experience visiting Hong Kong last month. I hope it helps to get more of ….

Enter the Dragon original release at Graumann’s Chinese in Los Angeles

Artist Aaron Kai emailed me these extremely rare photos from the original 1973 release of Bruce Lee’s martial arts epic Enter the Dragon. The images feature the original banners at Graumann’s Chinese Theater. When Aaron’s not collecting vintage martial arts memorabilia, he’s a highly skilled painter. See his work at

Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon to open massive exhibition on her father at Hong Kong museum

CNN reports that a new exhibition centered on Bruce Lee is about to open in Hong Kong, where Lee spent his childhood and became a martial arts film star. The exhibition is being launched to celebrate Bruce Lee and commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death. The exhibit, titled “Bruce Lee: Kung Fu. Art. Life” ….

Enter the Dragon screening at Lincoln Center this weekend, along with Fab 5 Freddy & MC Yan panel on hip hop & martial arts

Warner Brothers and the New York Asian Film Festival have teamed up to present a special screening of Bruce Lee’s cult classic martial arts epic Enter the Dragon, along with a panel discussion on the relationship between Kung Fu and Hip Hop culture featuring Hong Kong’s MC Yan (LMF), along with Hip Hop pioneer and ….

40th Anniversary Enter the Dragon screening and kung fu movie poster exhibit coming to L.A. next week

The Academy will present a special 40th Anniversary screening of Bruce Lee’s cult classic martial arts epic Enter the Dragon, with special guest appearances including John Saxon and Bob Wall, Enter the Dragon producers Paul Heller & Fred Weintraub, cinematographer Gil Hubbs, screenwriter Michael Allin and Bruce’s daughter Shannon Lee. The screening will be presented ….

Rare footage of martial artist Jim Kelly in tournament action

I found this rare footage of Jim Kelly in point or semi-contact action from his tournament days. Although best known from his performance as Williams in the 1973 Bruce Lee martial arts epic Enter the Dragon, Grandmaster Jim Kelly was a serious martial artist, beginning his training in Shorin-ryu karate. Additionally, he trained in Okinawa-te ….