Check out this episode of Bruce Lee Lives: The Master

I was talking to my friend King Uprock, who I interviewed for Blvd. Warriors, and he turned me on to the show Bruce Lee Lives, which is currently running on Fuel TV. It looks interesting, but may be a bit too similar to How Bruce Lee Changed the World. However any show featuring Bruce Lee interests all of us!

Part detailed biography, part “who’s who” tribute, Bruce Lee Lives is described as a comprehensive, contemporary, and provocative examination of the greatest martial artist of all time; his life, his plight, his fight, his untimely death, and the legacy he left behind, as seen through the eyes of his family and friends, as well as the athletes and pop culture celebrities he continues to influence.

Check out an episode of Bruce Lee Lives below, titled Bruce Lee Lives: The Master. In this episode, Michelle Rodriguez, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, Christian Hosoi and others discuss how Bruce Lee’s teachings, acting and fighting, which continue to inspire people to seek his wisdom decades after his untimely passing.

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