Rare footage of martial artist Jim Kelly in tournament action

I found this rare footage of Jim Kelly in point or semi-contact action from his tournament days.

Although best known from his performance as Williams in the 1973 Bruce Lee martial arts epic Enter the Dragon, Grandmaster Jim Kelly was a serious martial artist, beginning his training in Shorin-ryu karate. Additionally, he trained in Okinawa-te karate under Shihan Gordon Doversola. Kelly won the Huntington Beach Classic early in his martial arts career, and credited Doversola with making him a world class fighter.

During the time Kelly trained with Doversola, other notables including as Joe Lewis would also train in the same dojo. After winning the middleweight title at the 1971 International Middleweight Karate Championship in Long Beach, Kelly opened his own dojo. His acting career ignited when he taught karate to actor Calvin Lockhart for a role in the movie thriller Melinda, a film Kelly wound up playing a role in as – what else – a martial arts instructor.