Support completion of the Blvd. Warriors documentary


Oh, the stories these theaters could tell! Back in the day, what went on inside urban movie theaters was sometimes more entertaining than the movies playing on screen! And yes, these theaters were all over the country. Yes, these stories will be told, in Blvd. Warriors.

Been receiving a lot of well wishes and words of inspiration regarding completion of Blvd. Warriors. It’s much appreciated. Well, I really want to see the project completed, you guys have gotten me going. It’s up to you now. Help see this project shared with the world. Just asking everyone to grab some of these nice postcards featuring these classic grindhouses, these Deuce juices, these towers of martial madness! 25% of sales goes towards completion of Blvd. Warriors, plus you’ll have a piece of history, you can’t beat that.

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I curated and designed this collection of postcards myself, from an incredible collection put together by someone who cares about American history just as much as I do. Please buy some, share this post, tell everyone possible. Time to get this in front of people’s eyes, we need some inspiration right now. Thanks again for all the support! Ush!