Return to the 43rd Chamber in New York’s Times Square

So I thought shooting on Blvd. Warriors was completed and I only needed to raise some funds in order to edit the piece together. That was until I connected with the one and only Charles Woods from The Deuce’s 43rd Chamber. What an incredible spirit!

I searched for this man for 3 years and gave up looking months ago. Then about 2 months ago, someone purchased 3 copies of a calendar that I designed in 2008, A Visual History of African American Oscar Nominees, which I have been basically giving away on eBay (and still having trouble getting a sale!). He purchased 3 copies having absolutely no idea who I was or my documentary project.

For two months I kept looking back at the name and thought to myself, “there’s no way this is the same Charles Woods who ran ‘The Chamber.'” Finally last week, I emailed him on the slight chance that it might be the same person. His reply, “Guilty as charged!” And our conversations went from there. He took us around the Deuce, showing us the locations, talking about the many visitors that supported the store. Names like Ron Van Clief, Ric Meyers, Wesley Snipes, Fred Williamson, The Wu Tang Clan, Quentin Tarantino and various more flowed, along with stories of their insatiable interest in the many icons of kung fu’s greatest films.

Many thanks to Mr. Charles Woods for rolling down to The Deuce and taking the time to speak with me about The 43rd Chamber and ‘the Heads’ that lined up to get their fill of Asia’s legendary monks, revenge seekers and bronze men.

I have so much more to share and all will be revealed in Blvd. Warriors. Please support the completion of this project in any way you can. I’m not just talking funds. Share, Like, post, it all helps!