Freaks vs. The Reich weaves alt universe in this action-packed trailer


Four supernaturally gifted circus performers and their ringmaster magician named Israel, attempt to escape Fascist Italy in the jaw-droppingly wild historical action fantasy Freaks vs. The Reich. The film stars Claudio Santamaria, Aurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto, Giancarlo Martini, Giorgio Tirabassi, Max Mazzotta, Franz Rogowski, Francesca Anna Bellucci, Michelangelo Dalisi, Olivier Bony, Emilio De Marchi, Eric Godon, Sebastian Hülk, Anna Tenta, Christoph Hülsen and Astrid Meloni.

Directed by Gabriele Mainetti, Freaks vs. The Reich will be released in limited theaters along with VOD and Digital platforms on April 28th, 2023.