Troma Entertainment nabs Hectic Knife

hectic-knife-troma-poster-imagesTroma Entertainment has acquired the action-horror-comedy film Hectic Knife, directed by Greg DeLiso. The new acquisition will be celebrated with a New York City rooftop screening premiere in Brooklyn at Our Wicked Lady on July 28th, 2016 as a pre-party fundraising event for TromaDance, Troma’s Film Festival which runs the weekend of July 29th.

A down and out, knife wielding vigilante named Hectic Knife’s life is turned upside down when super villain Piggly Doctor comes to town. Will Hectic be able to find the chosen technology in time to save the entire world!? What the is the chosen technology? Some of the answers to these questions, plus tons of blood, babes and bagels populate this insane new movie universe.

Hectic Knife is described as the ultimate love letter to all of cinema – from useless flashbacks to a single tear down the withered hero’s cheek – no movie is safe from send up in this genre bending comedy.

Peter Litvin, who plays “Hectic” is also the composer of the musical score on the film. Songs that Peter has produced for others have amassed over 300 million views on Youtube, including “It’s Me” by TryHardNinja which was the #14 most downloaded dance song on iTunes for 4 weeks straight in 2014.

The rooftop screening at Our Wicked Lady will be attended by director Greg DeLiso, who will host a Q&A after the film screening. The event is a pre-party fundraiser for The 17th Annual TromaDance, Troma Entertainment’s free to submit and free to attend film festival that includes short and feature length movies from international independent filmmakers, which is followed by a World Famous afterparty.

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