Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson return to kick ass in high definition

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are unleashing the infamous Cult Cinema Icons Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson this summer as some of their classic hits are released for the first time on Blu-ray. It looks like Chuck Norris will have his hands full, as he also returns to the silver screen in the Simon West-directed The Expendables 2 as the character “Booker,” along with Liam Hemsworth, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter, Terry Crews, Nikolette Noel, Randy Couture and Nan Yu.

Watch Chuck Norris take out terrorists, rescue POWs, and save the day in the cult classic commando flicks The Delta Force, Missing in Action, and Missing in Action II, which will be available on Blu-ray June 5th. Norris then returns the following month to take no prisoners as Lone Wolf McQuade and Code of Silence, both available on Blu-ray starting July 17th.

Meanwhile, good-guy-wearing-black-turned-vigilante Charles Bronson says “no dice” to punks, bringing his own brand of justice to the streets as the heroic Paul Kersey in Death Wish II, Death Wish III, and Death Wish IV, all available on Blu-ray beginning August 14th.

More details to come on this release. In the meantime, check out the package art and trailers for the releases, below.

Chuck Norris Films

The Delta Force (1986)

Missing in Action (1984)

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985)

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

Code of Silence (1985)

The Theatrical Trailer For Code Of Silence Starring Chuck Norris, Henry Silva, Bert Remsen, Mike Genovese, Nathan Davis, Ralph Foody, Allen Hamilton, Ron Henriquez, And Joe Guzaldo. Directed By Andrew Davis.

Charles Bronson Films

Death Wish II (1982)

Death Wish III (1985)
Director Michael Winner continues the Death Wish saga with Death Wish III. Charles Bronson returns as Paul Kersey, back in New York City battling a street gang that preys on the tenants of an old apartment building. Death Wish III also starred Martin Balsam, Ed Lauter and Alex Winter.

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)