New trailer for retro sci-fi thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow

Magnet Releasing has revealed the trailer for the very retro-looking sic-fi movie Beyond the Black Rainbow, which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival last April. Beyond the Black Rainbow was directed by Panos Cosmatos, and centers on Elena, a young woman who attempts to escape a secluded, quasi-futuristic commune called Arboria, despite being under heavy sedation. Reminds me of films like the original Logan’s Run and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The film was apparently shot in Vancouver and screened at Canadian film festivals starting in 2010. Magnolia Pictures’ genre arm Magnet has nabbed U.S. distribution rights and will release it in the near future.

Beyond the Black Rainbow stars Michael Rogers, Eva Allan, Scott Hylands, Marilyn Norry, Rondel Reynoldson, Ryley Zinger, Gerry South, Chris Gauthier, Geoffrey Conder, Roy Campsall, Richard Jollymore, Christian Sloan, and Sara Stockstad.

Here’s the official synopsis for Beyond the Black Rainbow:

Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl (Eva Allan) is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind is controlled by a sinister technology. Silently, she waits for her next session with deranged therapist Dr. Barry Nyle (Michael Rogers). If she hopes to escape, she must journey through the darkest reaches of The Institute… but Nyle wonʼt easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation.

Check out the trailer, below.

Here’s another view of the trailer: