Win the 2-disc Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age DVD collection

The History Channel takes back in time to the Ice Age with Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age, and FilmFetish is giving away a copy of the 2-disc DVD collection to readers.

In order to be entered the random Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age drawing:

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I’ll be running the Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age contest through Friday, February 3, 2012.

More about Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age

Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age features four specials, each examining a different aspect of the Ice Age. It’s a remarkable journey from the primitive man who inhabited the planet to a volcanic eruption and its devastating impact, to a fascinating look at a changing world and the cost of survival, to an exploration into the possibilities of another Ice Age. We start with Clash of the Cavemen, which compares the Neanderthals with the Cro-Magnons and follows them through a bone-chilling Ice Age winter, ending with the extinction of one species. Next, Volcanic Winter goes back 75,000 years to trace the impact of a volcanic eruption – how it may have pushed the planet into an ice age and how it could have brought humanity to the edge of extinction. Then, take a Journey to 10,000 BC for the real story of life on earth during that time to unravel the geologic mystery surrounding the first environmental crisis faced by man. And finally, Mega Freeze asks if an Ice Age could happen again and if, in fact, it may already be too late to prevent a global disaster. Disc 1 features Clash of the Cavemen and Volcanic Winter. Dics 2 features Journey to 10,000 BC and Mega Freeze.