Intel landing at Comic-Con with the future, the past, Steampunk visionaries, and swag


New York Comic-Con is right around the corner and Intel is hosting some interesting fanboy sci-fi activities this year. Among them, “Intel Futuris” Brian David Johnson will preview the world of tomorrow.

What will movies, comics and games look like 5 years from how? How will our experiences with technology change when more than 15 billion devices are connected to the Internet? How can communities that examine our past, such as steampunk, help us imagine the future?

Brian is coming to NYCC to debut a visionary collaboration with scientists, authors and artists, which has taken shape in the video series and book The Tomorrow Project and the steampunk documentary Vintage Tomorrows, which will premiere at NYCC.

Here’s a complete list of the events Intel will be sponsoring during New York Comic-Con 2011:

Saturday, Oct. 15th

Vintage Tomorrows Sneak Preview Screening
12:15 p.m. – 2 p.m. 1B01
A new documentary about what steampunk culture can teach us about the future. Join us in re-imagining what we want from our technology through the art and science of futurecasting.

Sci-Fi Prototyping: Designing the Future Panel
5:15 – 6:15 p.m. 1A24
The panel will be followed by a book signing with Brian David Johnson and Cory Doctorow at the Intel Extreme Masters booth. Join moderator, author (Science Fiction Prototyping) and Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson, joined by bestselling authors Cory Doctorow (Little Brother) and Douglas Rushkoff (Life, Inc.) as they discuss the power of science fiction on science fact. Be the first to receive free downloadable copies of the new book Tomorrow Project Anthology as well as the chance to win a limited, signed print edition.

Sunday, Oct. 16th

Screen Future: Gaming, Comics and TV Around the World and Five Years From Now
Noon-1 p.m. 1A15
Join moderator Brian David Johnson, Intel Futurist and author of “Screen Future,” along with industry luminaries Craig Engler (senior executive, Syfy channel) and Jim Shooter (legendary creator, Dark Horse Comics), as they discuss the digital future of entertainment.

But wait, there’s more. At the Intel booth, we can show you how to rent an HD movie directly on your PC, ditch that HDMI cord and wirelessly project games and movies to your TV.

  • Intel Insider: With a 2nd Generation Intel Core processor, you can unlock premium HD movies and entertainment with access to buy and rent directly on your PC. This includes access to WB movies, Green Lantern and Dark Knight.
  • Intel Wireless Display allows you to share any laptop content wirelessly on your TV.
  • Enhance your computing experience with Intel Solid-State Drives, a high-performance alternative to hard drives.

Of course there will be swag, even available to people who are not at the show. Follow @IntelEdge during NYCC to get the scoop on our movie and pop-culture trivia contest running during show week.

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