Grindhouse horror Savage County gets enough Demands for a premiere


MTV 2 will premiere the grindhouse horror film Savage County tomorrow night, Oct. 8th, at 11PM Eastern Time, based on the number of votes the film received on Eventful’s popular Demand It Competition. MTV put the horror flick in the hands of the audience and let you decide if it airs on television. And it will.

Savage County centers on a group of teens that collide with their town’s dark past, when a prank gone wrong that makes them the target of a family of blood-thirsty killers.

Savage County is directed by David Harris, and stars Ana Ayora, Justin Brown, Melissa Cardell, Melissa Carnell, Ryan Carter, Patrick Cox, Jimmy Crothswait, Geoff Falk, Rebekah Graf, Doug Haley, Ken Luckey, John Malloy, Ivy Mclemore, Donald Meyers, Mimi Michaels, Jeff Pope, John Still and Sinqua Walls.

Check out the trailer for Savage County below.