Guess the names of these movies and win a free t-shirt!


I just launched a new custom shirt design for Cult Cinema Icons, and it’s my favorite so far. It features (mostly) everyday items that have somehow been bastardized on film, forever changing their meaning in our lives, and catapulting them from the mundane and obscure, into pop culture history.

To celebrate the release, I’m giving away five of the Natural color “Cult Cinema Icons” tees (see a preview of the design below) to the first five readers that successfully attach each of these items to the horror, slasher, comedy, action and war films and shows that cemented their place in genre film history.

Keep in mind the following:

  • While not every film associated with these items is considered a “cult” film by definition, all have survived many years (in many cases decades) with dedicated fan bases, sequels and/or remakes.
  • In most cases, the items did more than merely appear on film. They were usually somehow integral to the story line or “activities” of a movie’s main characters.
  • Do not submit your entry via comments, or it will not be accepted. Email your answers to me at
  • You can update your entry at any time before the contest end date (September 30, 2010). However, you must let me know you’re updating an existing entry.
  • Only the first five correct responses will get a FREE shirt.
  • Soon after the contest end date on September 30th, I’ll be posting the entire correct list on, so you can see if at least most of your guesses were correct.

Click on the screenshots below to check out larger previews of the design.

Cult Cinema Icons tee shirt designs
Cult Cinema Icons black t-shirt design
Cult Cinema Icons tee shirt designs
Cult Cinema Icons natural t-shirt design

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