Trailer for The Mechanic remake

This trailer has been out there a while, but I never posted anything about it, and The Mechanic is one of my favorite action films from the 1970s.

While the remake of The Mechanic was for years called a remake virtually in name only of the 1972 Charles Bronson crime thriller totally reimagined as a spy thriller in a post 9/11 world, the final product looks like more a dead-on remake to me, filled with many of the same iconic lines and scenes.

It’s hard to say if The Mechanic – this time played by Jason Statham – will even approach the level of quality of the original cult favorite, but I doubt it could be nearly as stunningly dramatic. It looks like the ending may have changed from the original, but again, tough to say from the trailer.

We’ll have to wait until December 15th, 2010 to see if The Mechanic is good… or just good at blowing shit up.

The Mechanic is directed by Simon West, and stars Jason Statham in the title role originally played by Charles Bronson, Ben Foster as Steve McKenna (originally played by Jan-Michael Vincent), along with Donald Sutherland, Jeff Chase, Christa Campbell, although he’s not listed in the credits, Tony Goldwyn plays a “contractor” who’s unhappy Statham’s “mechanic” has decided to train someone in his deadly profession.

Check out the trailer below.

Here is the trailer from the original 1972 film The Mechanic, using the original title, Killer of Killers.

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