Documentary XeNation screening at Anthology Film Archives next month

XeNation, a documentary by award winning director Monière (Twisted Dreams, The Cannibal Twins, Imprecation, Amrika) will screen at Anthology Film Archives on April 5th.

In XeNation, Monière captures the life of Hollywood actor Marcus Patrick and his search throughout the world for inner truth and higher levels of awareness.

Marcus Patrick grew up in London and moved to the US in his early 20’s, coming from a tormented and traumatic upbringing. Torn between a strict Christian Jamaican mother and an atheist British father, who wanted stardom out of him.

He achieved his stardom first by becoming a martial arts champion and then by transitioning into acting. Appearing on movies and TV shows including My Wife & Kids, CSI: Miami, All My Children, and Days of Our Lives. His career then reached a turning point when he appeared on the cover of Playgirl magazine, making him a sexual symbol. At the same time, his spiritual journey was embraced at full force. He stopped caring about Hollywood; instead turned himself into a healer on a quest for wisdom.

When: April 5, 2010, starting at 8pm

Location: Anthology Film Archives; 32 2nd Avenue, New York City, New York, admission $6 at the Box Office

Check out the trailer for XeNation below.

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