New Charlie’s Angels and Fantasy Island heading to the small screen

Producers have decided that the cult classic television cop drama Charlie’s Angels has just not been mined enough. To that end, ABC is circling a pilot for a modern version of the 1970s TV action show, according to Variety.

Josh Friedman, who adapted the Terminator franchise into the TV skein Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is attached to write and executive produce the new show, along with original Charlie’s Angels producer Leonard Goldberg, who launched the series alongside Aaron Spelling in 1976, and Drew Barrymore, who starred in and produced the 2000 McG-directed feature film and its sequel.

Networks haven’t seemed to learn their lesson from mining iconic franchises, with shows like Knight Rider, Melrose Place and The Bionic Woman failing to gain appeal, although the report notes ABC’s the recent success the reboot of V, which could explain the sudden interest in an ‘Angel’s’ reboot.

The original Charlie’s Angels” ran from 1976-1981 and starred Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle, Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Hack, Tanya Roberts and John Forsythe as the phone voice of Charles Townsend.

This marks the third attempt to reboot the Charlie’s Angels franchise – after a try in 1988, with a potential series title of Angels 88, and a second effort in 2004 – both of which never went to pilot.

Sony is also adapting another 1970s Spelling/Goldberg series – Fantasy Island – but as a reality show, with reality-uber producer Mark Burnett.

Check out the blast from the past below.

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