Ask Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx a question... and maybe even get it answered


Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx are teaming up for the new revenge thriller Law Abiding Citizen, which features Butler as a vigilante with a secret past, who goes off the deep end after watching his family’s killer strike a plea deal, and Foxx as the D.A. who cut the deal, which may just cost him his career… and his life.

The pair will also go mano-a-mano in an ‘Unscripted’ interview for Moviefone, and they’re looking for some great questions from movie fans to ask the duo.

CLICK HERE to ask your question, and then check back on October 12th, to see if it made the final cut.

Law Abiding Citizen, directed by F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job remake), hits theaters on October 16, 2009. The script was written by Kurt Wimmer (The Recruit).


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