New image, trailer, featurette and possible genre festival premiere for Fruit Chan’s horror film Don’t Look Up

I received an email this morning about Fruit Chan’s (Three… Extremes) long-awaited remake of Don’t Look Up. Not much has been posted about the film, which first appeared at American Film Market last year. According to the email, the rumor from inside the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, is that Don’t Look Up will premiere during the event. On the one hand, this sounds great and Sitges seems to be the perfect home for the premiere. On the other hand, why can’t I afford to go to the festival and watch?

Don’t Look Up is set in an abandoned film studio from another era. The story charts the unraveling sanity of a young horror film director who has an extreme sensitivity to paranormal visions, which sends him on a descent into madness that threatens his life and that of his crew. That’s because deadly spirits invade the film stock of their contemporary production and, in a few stark frames, open a horrifying window on a terrible curse from the past. The film stars Reshad Strik, Henry Thomas, Carmen Chaplin, Kevin Corrigan, Eli Roth and Zelda Williams.

Already confirmed for Sitges 09 – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is [REC]2, which will opening the 42nd edition of the event, which will be held from October 2nd to the 12th. Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza return to Sitges, where they presented [REC] in 2007, to present the sequel.

The image below from Don’t Look Up, was attached to the email.

Scene from Dont Look Up
Scene from Dont Look Up

CLICK HERE to watch the extreme trailer for Don’t Look Up.

CLICK HERE to watch a behind the scenes featurette with interviews from the cast of the film, including Eli Roth, who makes a cameo in the movie.