The Strangers 2 starts shooting this fall with original writer and a new director


Scene from The Strangers
Scene from The Strangers

Rogue Pictures announced that shooting for the sequel to last year’s breakout indie horror The Strangers starts this fall. The original film told the story of a couple staying in an isolated vacation house, who are terrorized by masked strangers.

The studio won’t reveal the sequel’s storyline yet, but say that you can expect masks, strangers and terror to be involved. If you remember, the original film ends with the masked strangers heading off in their van, with one of them saying, “It’ll be easier next time.” Rogue also says it’s trying to up the fright-factor on the sequel as well.

Bryan Bertino, the writer/director of the original film, has been tapped to write The Strangers 2, with French newcomer Laurent Briet at the helm. Liv Tyler, the of the victims from the first film, is rumored to be returning for the sequel, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

As a refresher on all things Strangers, below is the trailer for the original film.

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